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Community Building

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Community Building

Community Meetings 

Commún is dedicated to providing programs and services that are co-created with our community, because we know what we need to thrive. Commún conducts monthly community meetings on the first Thursday of every month at 8:00 am. This is a space where our community, including volunteers, contractors, staff, program participants, and local residents, can gather, celebrate accomplishments, and make communal decisions about Commún such as programming, policies, and problem solving.

All are welcome. Childcare, breakfast, a participation stipend, and interpretation in Arabic and Spanish are provided. If you would like to attend and request interpretation in a different language, please contact us! 

Dates of our community meetings are subject to change. Please make sure you check our calendar!

Community One-to-One Conversations

A “one-to-one”(1:1) conversation is a specific name for a type of conversation we use to engage with another to create change in our community. Active listening and curiosity are employed to understand a person’s dreams, motivations, and willingness to act toward a personal or communal vision or value. 

In 2020, Commún began conducting 1:1 conversations with the community members who are most directly impacted by the negative effects of gentrification, such as increased racism, decreased sense of belonging, displacement, and increased economic stressors. From these conversations, we heard that our community most urgently needed support with food access and youth mental health, giving way to our two foundational programs, the food share and the youth mental health weekly group. In 2021, we hired a team of community members trained to become community organizers, who conducted an additional 500 1:1 conversations with neighbors and friends. Amongst many needs and strengths, community members voiced a need for support with navigating community resources, a gratitude for a community that steps up to help their neighbors in times of need, and a pride for the collective world heritages that are represented by the Southwest Denver Community. All of this information is being used to inform new programs and design our new community center.

One-on-one conversations are a constant tool in our strategy box. We want our programs, community center, and advocacy initiatives to accurately and equitably reflect the strengths and needs of our community.

If you are interested in having a 1:1 conversation with a Commún organizer, please email camila@commundenver.org (bilingual Spanish/English).

Community Organizing

Commún is continuing our tradition of community organizing by building core organizing teams made up of community members who are directly impacted by a common issue and who’s collective diversity represents our community. Community organizing teams learn skills such as identifying self interest, trauma informed one-to-one conversations, and building connections within the community. The teams then become a focal point of community engagement, training others to use their voices and creating welcoming spaces where community voices can come together to create change. An organized community is a strong and resilient community!

Each team, while working in collaboration with each other, focuses on a different issue area. The four issue areas are: Youth Mental Health; Community Center and Belonging; Food Sovereignty; and Climate Resilience. Commún is working to launch future teams around housing and accessibility.

This group consists of five young people between the ages of 13-18 who also attend our Youth Mental Health groups. Youth are currently learning skills such as creating group norms, identifying one’s own “self interest,” or why you’re personally invested in the work, and conducting one-to-one conversations. In 2023, the group will focus on having conversations with their peers to understand and engage fellow youth in the co-creation of the youth mental health space and mental health programming within the community center.

The Community Center and Belonging team will focus on connecting with and engaging community members around the design process of the community center, and how to make it a place where everyone feels a sense of belonging. Check our social media for announcements of community engagement events such as building tours, focus groups, and surveys. We are currently hiring for this team. If you are interested, please email camila@commundenver.org for more information.

The Climate Justice team will focus on connecting with and engaging community members on climate resiliency and sustainability solutions. As we work toward a  healthy community where we can all thrive, we know that we must protect ourselves and our planet from the ongoing effects of climate chaos. We are currently hiring for this team. If you are interested, please andrea@commundenver.org for more information.

The Food Sovereignty team will focus on connecting with and engaging community members on the design of the free grocery space and food programming within the community center. We will be hiring for this team in Spring 2023.

We Want Your Input

    Focus Group

    Host a focus group: are you a member of the southwest Denver community? We would love to hear what you and your friends and family have to say about building community, equity, and wellbeing in our neighborhood. Contact us to host a focus group where you can share your ideas, skills, and vision for Southwest Denver