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We help build capacity, resilience, and cohesion in our community through workshops for residents and community leaders on a variety of topics (see below). We pay volunteers and staff, who are residents in the community and impacted by the issues they are working on, for their participation, as we know that building capacity in our community improves our resiliency and ability to thrive.


Self-Care & Compassion Fatigue

In order to sustain ourselves in the important work we do, we must find ways to take care of ourselves to prevent and heal vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue. In this workshop, we discuss integrating self-care into daily practice with in-the-moment skills that help us stay present and grounded. Looking at neurobiology and our bodies reactions helps us understand our reactions to stress, and why and how we can strengthen ourselves by training our brain. At the end of the workshop, participants will walk away with concrete self-soothing skills, a deepened understanding of themselves and their body, and a renewed commitment to self-care.

Trauma-informed Care 

How to implement trauma-informed care practices in a school, workplace, or site. This presentation can be created and tailored to your specific needs.


Understand how anxiety affects us from a neurological perspective and develop concrete skills and self-soothing techniques to manage it effectively.

Working with Immigrant Youth & Families

From connecting people with resources to how we organize ourselves as allies or service providers, this workshop includes aspects of self care and vicarious trauma to create resiliency in ourselves and our communities.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as a precursor to community engagement

Guided conversation for a group, organization, or business interested in engaging more diverse audiences. Walk away with concrete steps to increase your own understanding about DEI as well as methods and tip to outreach to targeted populations.

Immigrant Rights Are Human Rights

  1. How to talk to your family about your immigration status

    Developed alongside mothers living with mixed documentation status, this workshop walks families through the importance of a safety plan and how to talk to your kids at different developmental stages in a trauma informed way about activity with immigration.

  2. Know Your Rights & Creating a Family Safety Plan
    Contact us for a connection with to two amazing organizations that can provide trainings on these topics